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U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate (Legislation)


Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works
House Committee on Energy and Commerce
House Committee on Natural Resources

Department of Energy:

Office of Electricity
Office of Fossil Energy
Office of Natural Gas Import & Export Regulation
Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Department of the Interior:

Bureau of Land Management
Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement

Energy Information Administration:

Natural Gas

Environmental Protection Agency:

Carbon Pollution Standards

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission:

Natural Gas

National Association of Regulatory and Utility Commissioners (NARUC)


International Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers (IFIEC-EUROPE)
European Commission
European Commission on Energy
European Environment Agency


International Energy Agency
International Institute for Sustainable Development
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change


MISO Transmission Expansion Plan (MTEP)
PJM Regional Transmission Expansion Plan (RTEP)
Southwest Power Pool Transmission Planning
ISO New England Transmission Planning
New York ISO Comprehensive System Planning Process (CSPP)
California ISO Transmission Planning
ERCOT Planning
Southeastern Regional Transmission Planning
WestConnect Regional Planning
FRCC Planning
Northern Grid Resources

MISO Transmission Expansion Plan 2007
MISO Transmission Expansion Plan 2008
MISO Transmission Expansion Plan 2009
MISO Transmission Expansion Plan 2010
MISO Transmission Expansion Plan 2011
MISO Transmission Expansion Plan 2012
MISO Transmission Expansion Plan 2013
MISO Transmission Expansion Plan 2014
MISO Transmission Expansion Plan 2015
MISO Transmission Expansion Plan 2016

Executive Summary
Transmission Planning Studies
Resource Adequacy
Policy Landscape
Regional Energy Information
SPM Active Project List
Appendix A: Generator Interconnection Project and Market Efficiency Project Cost Allocations by Pricing Zones Subject to Approval
Appendix A: Approved Plan Quarterly Status Report through 12/30/2016
Appendix A: Approved Plan Quarterly Status Report through 3/30/2017
Appendix A: Approved Plan Quarterly Status Report through 6/30/2017
Appendix A: Approved Plan Quarterly Status Report through 9/30/2017
Appendix A: Approved Plan Quarterly Status Report through 1/9/2018
Appendix A, B: Project Table Field Legend
Appendices A, B: Project Table
Appendix D1: Central 2016
Appendix D1: East 2016
Appendix D1: South 2016
Appendix D1: West 2016
Appendix E2: EGEAS Assumptions Document
Appendix F: Summary of Review and Advice to Advisory Committee and Board of Directors on MISO Transmission Expansion Plan
Illinois Generation Retirement Sensitivity Analysis Study Report, November 2016

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